Beside collets and changing fixtures, we are also offering following accessories for our QCC-Chucks and vices:

Order-No. Description Usage
ZA Drawtube Adapter adjustment

For connecting the QCC-Chucks with the drawtube of the clamping cylinder, a drawtube adapter accordingly the mounting thread is needed.

SF Adapter Plate The QCC-Chucks got mounted on the spindle nose by using an adapter plate. Out of this. a individual adaption according to each machine design is given.

Stop plates

At the chuck series ND, NS and NK stop plates can be installed in the chucks. Thereon partstops for each workpiece can be mounted.


Stop housings

Alternative to the stop plates a stop housing can be installed in the chuck, if longer workpieces should be dipped into the Chuck.


Spring ejector

At the chuck series ND, NS and NK spring ejectors can be installed in the chucks, to eject workpieces automatically after processing.

Detailed descriptions are listed in our print catalog.