Company profile

MicroCentric GmbH was founded in 1995, located in 70439 Stuttgart as a central distribution agency for europe. In the beginning, the products made by MicroCentric Corp./ USA (e.g. precision air chucks) were in the foreground. To ensure a long-term contestability, we started since 1997 a diversification of products and of inhouse acitvities. At the end of 2006, MicroCentric relocated to 71254 Ditzingen in bigger business premises.

In our engineering design department newest techniques are taking place employing a 3D-CAD-System (Solidworks). Our shop floor got equiped with most modern machines across-the-board like turning, milling and grinding. Further a concequent advancement was made and will be made all the time, in our products and the qualification and motivation of all of our employees.

Lots of customers out of the machine engineering, automotive industry sector, supplier industry and other industries, are appreciating us as an innovative, most flexible specialist for high precision clamping systems.

We see ourselves as a manufacturer of clamping solutions, which other suppliers are not able to offer in the same quality, technology and delivery time.