Beside diaphragms and top jaws, we are also offering following accessories for our MBS-Chucks:

Order-No. Description Usage
ZA-M Drawtube Adapter

For connecting the MBS-Z and MBS-DZ-Chucks with the drawtube of the clamping cylinder, a drawtube adapter accordingly the mounting thread is needed.

SF Adapter Plate

The MBS-Chucks got mounted on the spindle nose by using an adapter plate. Out of this. a individual adaption according to each machine design is given.

GP Bedplate

MBS-vices either could get mounted directly or by using a bedplate.

ASS Part Stop Spider

As part stop, a part stop spider got mounted on the diaphragm. On this part stop spider, bolts, plates or special shapes could get fastened, which are granting an exact axial positioning of the workpieces. 

ATR Part Stop Base Plate

By option, the part stop base plate ATR could get screwed in the chuck body, if caused by technical reasons a part stop spider is not possible or useful. By using the part stop base plate ATR fixed, sealed bolts are sticking out the diaphragm, which are servicing as axial part stop. 

KMD Coolant Nozzle

To supplying coolant targeted to the position of machining, a nozzle could get screwed in the frontside of the chuck.

AR-M Loading Rings

For manufacturing of top jaws for internal clamping, loading rings got used. For machining the jaws on the respective clamping position.

LR-M Locating Pins

For manufacturing of top jaws for external clamping, as set

Detailed descriptions are listed in our print catalog.

Air tubes on air operated chucks MBS-L amd MBS-DL are listed in category Accessories-ZUB.

Air filter regulator lubricators, control units and valves for air supply on air operated chucks MBS-L and MBS-DL togehther with vice MBS-N are listed in category Accessories-ZUB.