Beside top jaws, we are also offering following accessories for our PPC-Chucks:

Order-No. Description Usage
ZA Drawtube connector For connecting the PPC-Chucks with the drawtube of the clamping cylinder, a drawtube adapter accordingly the mounting thread is needed.
SF Adapter plate The PPC-Chucks got mounted on the spindle nose by using an adapter plate. Out of this. a individual adaption according to each machine design is given.
JTF-P Jaw turning fixtures Jaw turning fixtures mirror the locating pattern of a chuck. They are used to rough and/or finish blank top jaws off-line, to maximize a machine‘s production capacity. For the optimal we recommend to machine the jaws on the chuck.
H-1/P-1 Grease gun For lubricating the PPC-Chuck
MG Lubricant For lubricating the PPC-Chuck

Detailed descriptions are listed in our print catalog.