Quick change collet chuck CB-NX, axially fixed collet

The chuck series CB-NX is an especially developed collet chuck, which has a low outer diameter at the front side of the chuck. This design offers an unique feature, which gives a maximum tool clearance. The chuck itself has the same skills like any other collet chuck.

At the chuck series CB-NX the collets are engaged in a coupling in the chuck body. Through the forward movement of the drawtube a connected sliding sleeve with cone is moving forward. Thereby the collet makes a radial clamping movement without pull down effect of the workpiece.

Optional an axial fixed part stop can be installed in the chuck from the front. Because of that, this series can be used for bar and chuck work. In opposite to the CB-NK chuck this chuck type is not generating a pull down effect and is useable perfectly for sub spindle operations.

Spannzangenfutter CB NX


Chuck type Through bore mm Clamping range mm Drawtube stroke mm Drawtube force max. daN Clamping force max. daN Max. Speed rpm. Weight kg
CB65-NX 66,0 +/- 0,5 4 4.590 8.260 6.000 10,9
CB80-NX 82,5 +/- 0,5 4 5.450 9.820 5.000 15,9
Spannzangenfutter CB NX Zng.Schnitt


Order-Nr. A B C D E F G
CB65-NX/A5 98,7 127,0 164,6 20,3 121,4 9,0 44,3
CB65-NX/A6 98,7 127,0 164,6 34,3 135,4 9,0 44,3
CB65-NX/A8 98,7 127,0 209,6 41,3 142,4 9,0 44,3
CB80-NX/A6 114,3 151,1 195,6 21,6 126,0 4,6 46,9
CB80-NX/A8 114,3 151,1 209,6 28,1 132,3 4,7 46,9

At the chuck designation the adapter plate size is given after the slash:

  • A5 means adapter plate according to DIN ISO 702-1 Size 5 (former DIN 55026)

Other adapter plate sizes are available on request


  • Chuck sizes with 66 and 82,5 mm through bore
  • Axially fixed collet without pull down effect guarantee an unchanged Z-Position while clamping the workpiece 
  • Low outer diameter, reduced nose and a short overall length increase the space for tools and the possible travels of the Z-Axis
  • Radial alignment screws
  • Through the lifetime lubrication the chucks need a minimal maintenance
  • All components are hardened and ground for a high accuracy
  • Part stops and part ejectors can be installed in or at the chuck
  • Maximum spindle speed 6.000 rpm.

Key features:

  • Axial fix
  • Part stop possible
  • Operation through push

 Delivery contents:

  • Chuck
  • Adapter plate
  • Drawtube connector
  • Instruction manual