Collets SW

SW-Collets with machinable bores are used if a clamping solution will machined directly in your production hall. This collets can be machined directly at the chuck or in a turning fixture. All SW-Collets are hardened at the outer diameter and at the coupling.

Collets available:

Order-No. For size Number of segments Clamping bore D pre-machined mm
SW42BZI 42 3 Round machinable 8,0
SW65BZI 65 3 Round machinable 8,0
SW80BZI 80 4 Round machinable 19,0
SW100BZI 100 6 Round machinable 25,4
SW120BZI 120 6 Round machinable 38,1
SW140BZI 140 6 Round machinable 38,1

xx,xx = Clamping diameter in mm