Changing fixtures for collets

For the installation and removal of collets changing devices are used. They are available as manual, pneumatic and hydraulic devices. A collet change with them does not even take 15 seconds time.

Bolts of the changing device are put into holes of the collet segments. At operation of the device the collet is contracted together at the rear end by a  spherical movement of the bolts. The thereby reached measuring reduction allows the simple installation or removal of the collet in the chuck or vice.


Available models:

Order-No. Operation For collet sizes
CP42 Pneumatic 42
CM42 Manual 42
CP65 Pneumatic 65
CM65 Manual 65
CP80 Pneumatic 80
CM80 Manual 80
CP100  Pneumatic 100
CH120  Hydraulic 120
CH140 Hydraulic 140
 EN162 Hydraulic pump Für CH120/CH100


The manual changing device is an efficient way for collet change.


From the viewpoint of handling, the pneumatic changing device is the most efficient method for collet change. It can be connected to the air pressure lines, which is present in most production halls.


For changing collets with the size 120 and 140 the hydraulic changing device with the pneumatic driven pump EN162 is used. The other technical equipment is the similar to the pneumatic device.